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Accredited Training

EMTI offers a wide range of industry tailored training to with over 12 years experience delivering the highest quality of education. We are passionate about providing industry leading service to our partners and an informative and engaging learning experience for their team.

Why us?


Short-term and long-term coverage


EMTI can deploy our crews and equipment rapidly to meet your emergency response and medical requirements. We have personnel available to work on a fly in, fly out (FIFO) basis. We can deploy personnel for short term coverage of your campaign when your existing medical and emergency response personnel take annual leave, sick leave, special leave or planned leave. We are experienced in supplying long term established and dedicated teams for your campaign, including complete emergency response capabilities for major projects.

Facilities, vehicles, equipment and drugs

We provide planning and implementation of fully functioning site medical/ trauma clinics. We supply equipment ranging from portable basic kits with defibrillators, rescue equipment and resuscitation equipment; through to comprehensively stocked medical rooms and specialised 4WD Ambulance vehicles equipped to a critical care level.

EMTI is a fully licensed private paramedical service provider and able to carry and administer scheduled drugs in accordance with licensing across our remote mining sites.

Accredited training​
Mining, oil and gas, childcare and education, electrical and construction

EMTI paramedics provide on-site accredited training to resource sector partners.We provide on-location group training to various industries. Our trainers are employed paramedics and all training is tailored to industry needs.

Emergency medical / rescue services

EMTI Medical and Rescue Specialist provide the best rescue solutions for whatever situation they are deployed to. We provide quick attack capabilities as well as fully equipped strike teams.

EMTI only employs medical and rescue personnel that are highly qualified and have a complete understanding of the requirements for medical and rescue operations in the mining, oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing environment. We confidently provide the best emergency response operations available using the latest in medical, fire and rescue techniques and technology. Covering the following areas of expertise; remote on-site medical provision, comprehensive emergency response capacity, the. supply, maintenance and deployment of medical and emergency equipment and vehicles, emergency response training, medical and disaster management planning, and implementation.

On-site injury and return to work services​

EMTI provides professional and comprehensive on-site medical service specialising in the management of lower acuity patients on-site. Our aim is to reduce "Lost Time Injury and Recordable Injuries", thereby reducing the impact on production and project timelines.

Worksite permit issuing and auditing​

EMTI paramedics are trained to audit and issue Confined Space Entry Permits.

Drug and alcohol testing 

EMTI paramedics perform of Drug and Alcohol testing on-site and implement of policy and procedure.

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